May 7, 2015
Neural Inc.

   Our company opened a new platform for news distribution in the field of corporate sustainability with the ESG Institute of QUICK Corp on Sustainable Japan run by Neural Inc.



   Neural Inc. has distributed world-wide news and latest topics on corporate sustainability through Sustainable Japan managed by the company, and is going to broadcast more information in collaboration with QUICK ESG Institute. There would be analysts’ reports, professors’ columns, PRI action reports and belief explanation of QUICK ESG Institute and its services on the new pages on Sustainable Japan. We are proud that the site is being more valuable to our users and all that are interested in ESG Investing, SRI and world sustainability.

Neural Inc.

   Neural Inc. got launched as a research and consulting firm on sustainability and corporate globalization in 2013. The corporation has run one of the Japan’s largest news site on sustainability, Sustainable Japan, since Feb 2014, on which it distributes latest world news and hot topics on sustainability.


   QUICK Corp. was founded as financial information provider in the Nikkei Inc. Group in 1971. QUICK distributes real time global securities and financial information as well as political news and economic information. It provides comprehensive solutions to the securities and financial market with supporting services for asset management, order routing and execution, and construction and maintenance of information network.
   QUICK established ESG Institute in 2014 to begin with delivering ESG information originated by UK-based EIRIS. It then launched packaged services for corporations including advisory and peer group analysis by utilizing ESG information, CDP’s data and global financials, which currently help IR, CSR, PR, corporate planning, environment departments of corporations.
   While Japan’s Stewardship Code for financial institutes and Japan’s Corporate Governance Code are driven by the government, QUICK ESG Institute provide helpful services to aid corporate sustainable growth, proactively supporting economic developments as a PRI and CDP partner.