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Neural signifies “Solving by Network.”

Neural is the adjective form of “Neuron.” The complex mechanism of Neuron in our brains -connecting, enhancing and disconnecting- enables us to perceive signals, think things, make decisions, and control motions. Computer scientists have invented a network model to process information by referring that mysterious neuron’s functional structures, which is called “Neural Network” today. Neural Network is a generalized term of the learning data-processing model for problem solving in manner of modifying the connecting level of inter-neurons, each of which has particular information. We Neural is forming the worldwide neural network of human being and addressing global issues.

About Us

Company Name Neural Inc.
Founded July 2013
Founders CEO Kenji Fuma
Capital JPY 5 million
Businesses Sustainability (CSR) Consulting
Global Business Expansion Consulting
Online Media
Affiliation Sustainability Japan ForumMember
Chinese Chamber of Commerce Japan Supporting Member
UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment(UNPRI)Signatory
Subsidiaries Green Material Technology LLP


2F, MG Meguro Ekimae Building,2-15-19 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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