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What is Sustainable Japan?

Sustainable Japan is a Japanese online medium for world sustainability actions. Sustainability consists of environmental, social and economic dimensions, and sustainability actions are ones to make this planet sustainable in all of the three terms.
This medium mainly introduces world news and case studies with which Japanese people have not been familiar. Now that our economy has been expanding globally, acknowledging the strategies and corporate identities of world’s other corporations, which are often greatly different from Japanese ones will be very beneficial for corporations and non-for-profits to be more competitive. In addition, the more consideration of environmental or social needs in abroad markets will bring them new ideas for better strategic planning, business development, and organizational management.
There are companies minimizing the negative environmental impact brought from the business activities, enterprises inventing new technologies or business models to make our community better off, and non-for-profits raising their own economic sustainability. We are letting you know those new approaches and best practices integrating environmental, social and economic sustainability.


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